Who we are

Who we are


The faces behind thedronebook – Chris and Marisa


Hello there, I’m Chris, a Germany-based photographer and videographer, specialized in showcasing scenic travel destinations, creating outstanding, visually impressive content and capturing memorable experiences from a unique perspective.

Born out of a deep passion for photography, filmmaking and in the hope to inspire others, I started thedronebook in 2016 with my partner Marisa.
What began as a hobby meanwhile evolved into a business, that now allows us to work with numerous well-known brands and partners internationally.

Our focus is on high-end content creation for the travel and tourism industry as well as for TV productions, commercials and media projects.
By producing professional, high-quality aerial and ground content, we passionately support our clients to reach their desired objectives and bring their vision to life.
To deliver visuals on the highest possible level, we shoot with professional, modern Red Cinema Cameras, cinema-grade 6K RAW drones and other high-end equipment.
Even though each project has its unique requirements and we love to get creative behind the lens, in our work we always keep one thing in mind: creating content that gets you perfect results!

Through our content, we aim to showcase the beauty, grace, strength and conciseness of different scenarios. Especially with drones, our creativity is unleashed, dynamic and unpredictable – it’s exciting to explore unique, mind-blowing perspectives and this inspires us to document unrivaled, engaging stories.

Let’s create something together!